Thor the Mighty Avenger free digital comics on!

There has been a lot of good things said about Thor, the Mighty Avenger on scans_daily before the was canceled (I think with issue 8). And, while I don't follow noscans_daily religiously - so maybe this has been noted here, but Marvel Digital comics is letting us read issues 1-5 of Thor, the Mighty Avenger for free. Their free releases are hit or miss for crap or good, partial or full series or one-shots, but I appreciate that they put some up. I also haven't read Thor the Mighty Avenger yet so this is cool for me. Also up recently is Avengers vs Pet Avengers.

Note that sometimes they pull free comics a week after they put them up, sometimes not. I think these will stay awhile but no guarantees. Go read em!

They are about 4 comics down.